1935 National Chicle Football

The 1935 National Chicle football set is quite possibly the most important football set ever manufactured.  Weighing in at just 36 players, the checklist features some of the game’s biggest names, first-year cards of virtually every key subject in the set, and also contains the hobby’s most valuable and treasured card – the legendary #34 Bronko Nagurski.

Featuring colorful art deco designs that were typical of the “modern” style of the day, the overall design of the 1935 football cards was in many ways identical to the National Chicle baseball set of 1934-36, and also very similar to the Sky Birds cards of 1933.  Despite being printed on heavy stock, high-grade examples are difficult to come by, particularly in the scarce high number series.

A mere glance at the grading company population reports will provide a clear illustration of the scarcity of the set’s high numbers, particularly in higher grades.  Evidence suggests that the scarcity of the high number series is due to those cards only being made available in the cities where the players featured on those cards played.  Over the years, they have become some of the most sought-after cards in the football hobby.

We are thrilled to offer an outstanding selection of high-grade National Chicles, including a run of scarce high numbers, in our inaugural auction.  Each of these cards will be offered individually, so that set collectors have a shot at filling in holes with cards that will take a long, long time for them to see again in this condition.

And now, for some eye candy.

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