Auction Closes Saturday!

Just a quick advance note about the auction.

It closes Saturday, at 6PM, EASTERN TIME.  In order to participate in extended bidding, you need to have a bid on the lot you’re interested in – so if you haven’t bid, BID NOW!

The entire auction stays open until no lot has received a bid for 15 minutes, or until we run out of coffee.

However, please bear this in mind: for many people, a bidding strategy is to put in their placeholder bids, then come back late that night and place their final bids.  That is a strategy that works well with auctions that have 1,000 lots or more, because the 15-minute rule generally keeps those auctions open until 2 or 3AM (or later).

We don’t anticipate that will happen with this auction.  This auction has only 220 lots.  Since there are not as many lots for people to bid on, we don’t expect that the 15-minute rule will keep the auction open nearly as long as other auctions.  You might log in at 11PM only to find the auction has closed.

We encourage you to treat this auction as if it is going to close earlier than most.  We cannot guarantee that it will, but think it’s only logical, since the auction is so small.

Thanks, and good luck.

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