Check out our new interactive catalog!

While we’re big fans of printed matter and the way it feels to have a book in your hands, we’re also big fans of technology.  Our new interactive catalog gives you some unique advantages that the printed catalog does not:

  • You get it earlier than the printed books, which go in the mail today.
  • You can view the interactive catalog on any device – your desktop or laptop computer, your phone, or your tablet.
  • From within those devices, you can zoom in and enlarge any photo.
  • We can (and did) embed videos and links within the interactive catalog that are not available in the printed book.
  • You can search the catalog.
  • The individual lots in the catalog link right to the respective auction pages – just click the title, and it’ll open a new window right to that item in the auction, so you can bid immediately.
  • The interactive catalog lets you make notes on individual items or pages.
  • You can download the entire catalog to your desktop.
  • You can share the whole catalog or individual pages on social media.

It’s pretty versatile.  Plus, we can embed it right into our blog, so you can read it right here!

Love of the Game Auctions Fall, 2018 Catalog

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