I want to ride my bicycle

Here’s Bob Feller, endorsing Roadmaster “Luxury Liner” bicycles, for our friend who wiped out on his bike while cycling in Northern NJ this past weekend.  Right now, this Feller is in better condition than our friend, with MUCH less surface wear.

This photo premium was available for $0.10 from the Cleveland Welding Company, manufacturer of Roadmaster “Luxury Liner” Bikes.  Feller is one of six different players featured in the approximately 8×10″ premiums, and this is one of three available Feller pose variations.  The blank-backed photo features Feller in his home uniform, perched on a Luxury Liner bicycle, with a facsimile autograph underneath.  Based on the uniform Feller is wearing, it is estimated by hobby scholar Bob Lemke that this premium was issued between 1940 and 44 (in an article written in Mr. Lemke’s blog).

This piece is particularly well-preserved, presenting in approximately VG-EX condition due to some wrinkling in the lower-left corner, a paper clip imprint in the upper-left, and some very minor edge wear.  The photo also comes with its original envelope, which exhibits some more wear (though still not as much as our friend), and some tears, but is still in good condition.

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