GREAT MEADOWS, N.J., July 18, 2014 – Love of the Game Auctions, an internet-based sports auction house catering to the passionate collector of cards and memorabilia, announced the launch of its “Set Builder’s Auction,” an internet-only auction featuring single cards, smaller lots, and collector-grade treasures.

The new auction will complement Love of the Game’s Premiere auctions, which feature a carefully-curated selection of quality sports artifacts, but will cater more towards hobbyists looking for more affordable examples of vintage cards and rarities. The auction will primarily feature cards, with the occasional autograph or memorabilia offering.

“The Set Builder’s Auction will truly have something for everybody,” explained Auction Director Al Crisafulli. “Because of the nature of our Premiere auctions, we are often limited in terms of the value of the material we can offer. Due to the time commitment and expense involved with preparing and marketing a Love of the Game Auction, we often have to turn away lower-dollar consignments. That is disappointing to me, because its important to me that LOTG caters to the most passionate collectors in the hobby. The Set Builder’s Auction gives us an avenue to feature lower-valued cards, delivered with the same quality and care that collectors have come to expect from Love of the Game.”

The Set Builder’s Auction will have a simplified structure that will permit some additional advantages to collectors as well. “A typical LOTG Auction features detailed descriptions and history on each individual lot,” Crisafulli said. “For the Set Builder’s Auction, however, we’ll be focusing simply on the card itself – written descriptions will be very brief, or nonexistent.”

This reduces the time required to prepare the auction, which reduces the company’s cost as well. “We’re able to pass that cost reduction through to our buyers, in the form of a reduced buyer’s premium. For the Set Builder’s Auction, the buyer’s premium will be just 15%, and for those choosing to pay by cash, check or money order, an additional discount will be offered, bringing the total buyer’s premium to just 12%.

“Shipping charges will also be reduced,” added Crisafulli. “Rather than ship via Priority Mail, winning items will typically be shipped by First Class Mail, which cuts shipping costs in half. We really want everyone to be able to participate in this auction.”

The company plans three such auctions each year, with special, flat consignment rates and extra discounts for consignors who contribute material to both the Set Builder’s and Premiere Auctions.

The first Set Builder’s Auction is slated to go live before the end of July, with a preview opening the week of July 21. The sale, which will be a small, introductory offering, will close Saturday, August 16.

Love of the Game will be displaying material from its inaugural Set Builder’s Auction, as well as from its upcoming Premiere Auction, at the National Sports Collector’s Convention in Cleveland. The company will also be accepting consignments for future auctions from its location at Booth #2024.

To register for the auction and review the selection online, visit http://www.loveofthegameauctions.com. For more information, or to consign your valuable material, contact Love of the Game at [email protected] or (973) 452-9147.


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