It is fitting that the 1945 Mutoscope “Artists Pin Up Girls” set should be the only non-sports set in our inaugural auction.  This 64-card set, published at the height of the “pin-up girl” craze, features colorful drawings of scantily-dressed women, captioned by (not always particularly) humorous double-entendres describing the situation or pose in the drawing.  Featuring works by noted pin-up artists like Earl Moran, K.O. Munson, and Zoe Mozert, the set brings the collector back to a time when pin-up art left plenty to the imagination, and the artwork was risqué but not raunchy.
Due to their vivid colors and the cards’ means of distribution, these cards are often found with significant wear at the corners and edges.  Even the slightest corner ding results in chipping, meaning that cards with near mint appearance at arms’ length often have a lower technical grade under close scrutiny.  Such is the case with these cards; each boasts vivid color and sharp edges, but under magnification flaws are present.  While uncirculated stashes of these cards have been found in recent years, a vintage set as attractive as this is difficult to find.  With 18% grading EX-MT or better, 75% grading VG-EX to EX (leaning heavily towards EX) and the balance grading lesser, this is an extremely attractive set that brings the owner back to a classic era. 

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