Rare backs? We’ve got ’em.

T206 McMullen backT206 McMullin FrontAmong the most popular (and fastest-growing) items in our auctions have been the rare-backed tobacco cards.  Our Spring auction should prove to be no exception, as we’ll be featuring an outstanding selection of difficult backs, not only in the T206 set but also in the T207 Brown Background issue as well.  Beginning with this lovely T206 George Mullin with the ultra-rare Uzit Cigarettes back.  Graded VG 40 by SGC, there are no higher-grade examples among the six specimens that have been graded.  It is the boldness of the reverse that makes this card so special, however, as the Uzit ad, often faded or washed-out, is bold and deep blue, an extremely strong image.  Considered the 6th most rare of all the T206 backs, behind only the incredibly rare Cobb, Old Mill Brown, Lenox, Broadleaf 460 and Drum backs, a Uzit back is an outstanding addition to any collection of rarities.

T206 Clymer FrontT206 Clymer backEqually stunning is this Carolina Brights Bill Clymer.  Graded VG+ 3.5 by PSA, the card is simply gorgeous, with bold, vivid color and no surface blemishes.  The oversized borders make the top-to-bottom centering issue much less pronounced, and the reverse is clean and sharp.  Carolina Brights have been ultra-hot lately, and this example should be no exception.

1911 T206 Joss front1911 T206 Chase Throwing FrontWe’ve also got a host of tough Cycle 460 cards in our next two auctions, with a half dozen represented in the Spring sale.  These Addie Joss and Hal Chase examples, both extraordinarily rare, low population cards, will be featured.

Hindu, American Beauty 460, and more common difficult backs are also represented in large quantities.

1912 T207 Miller BackIt’s not just T206, however – we’ve also got a host of tough-backed T207 cards in this auction, starting with one of the toughest cards in the set: Ward Miller.  Our Miller has the Broadleaf back, and we’ve also got a number of other Broadleafs to join the Miller in this auction.





1912 T207 Phelan Back1912 T207 Blackburne backWe don’t stop there, however – the T207 set is extraordinarily complex, with three different “series” of cards and very specific back possibilities with each (similar to T206).  We’ll be featuring a Red Cycle back in our auction, along with one of the very difficult Anonymous backs.

Get ready: the auction goes live next week!

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