Signed 1952 Topps


On several occasions and in several places, we have written about the magnitude of our “Texas Find,” an enormous collection of cards ranging from 1948 through 2007 consigned by a wonderful family we met last Spring.  Initially part of the collection of a gentleman who passed on nearly ten years ago, it primarily included complete card sets.  However, one of the collector’s true passions was building a set of signed 1952 Topps, many of which he obtained in person.  After pulling together the entire collection and sorting the “loose” cards, we discovered more than 600 autographed ’52s, some in triplicate, obviously to be used as trade bait with other collectors.

Many of the signed cards have been sold individually in our last two auctions, including most of the rarities.  At the same time, we have observed the spirited bidding for individual cards with enthusiasm, mostly because it is exciting to see autographed cards beginning to come into their own, from a popularity standpoint.  More and more people are building complete autographed sets, and exploring the idea of building autographed vintage sets.

The granddaddy of all the signed vintage sets is, of course, 1952 Topps.  Never mind acquiring the valuable Mickey Mantle, expensive due to its extreme popularity – there are significant rarities created due to the untimely passing of several of the issue’s subjects, with several of the set’s cards not known to exist in autographed form anywhere.

The enthusiasm with which signed ’52 collectors are building their sets provided us with an incentive to build one enormous lot of cards – more than half the set, complete and autographed, each authenticated and encapsulated by PSA/DNA.  Never have we seen a collection this large, offered all at once.  Best of all, it includes 50 of the set’s elusive high number cards – an unbelievable number to be offered all at once. The collection can be found as Lot #5 in our current auction, with spirited bidding already up to $13,000.

In addition, we have pulled out some of the more difficult-to-obtain cards, and are offering them in separate lots – more than 60 in total.  Some of the most difficult signed cards in the legendary set – including the Johnny Sain error, a super-rare Cliff Fannin, Joe Haynes, Johnny Kucab, Fred Hutchinson, and plenty more.  And of course we’ve got a few smaller group lots for those people who are considering starting a set, or just picking up a few!


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