"Receiving my package from Love of the Game was exactly like Christmas - you could just feel the love that went into packing it."

-Mark, Milwaukee


“The packaging was by far - BY FAR - the best I've ever seen. I even took pictures."

-Vince, Australia


"Love your write-ups. It is really one of the classiest auctions...maybe the classiest. Just love the feel of it. Exemplary presentation goes a long way."

-Greg, Los Angeles


"Some of the best descriptions I have ever seen written. Rich and detailed, no corners cut. Greatly appreciate the work and passion you have put into this. Fantastic!

-Matt, Sacramento


“From a design and functionality standpoint your website is absolutely incredible. And from the responses I read when you announced your inaugural auction, it seems like you're one of the "white hats," and that means a lot to me."

-Jonathan, Scottsdale


"Al is a guy with a ton of integrity and a real love of the hobby."

-Jim, Portland


"The site looks awesome and the lots are incredible! It's nice to have someone with a solid reputation launching a new auction site."

-Jeff, Leesburg


"This auction is a curated selection of sophisticated sports artifacts."

-Mike, Hoboken


"Al is a great guy."

-Jeffrey, Westchester


"I was very happy with both my winnings and my consignments."

-Marc, San Francisco


"What an exciting auction! Phenomenal job."

-Barry, Milton


"I consigned some rare postcards and was very pleased with the results."

-Bill, San Jose


"Great auction. I look forward to the next one."

-Jason, Richmond


"I was happy with the results. Congratulations on doing so well."

-Dan, San Diego