Why Us?

Love of the Game is seeking quality consignments for our next auction.  If you have sports collectibles that you're looking to sell, you owe it to yourself to consider consigning to a Love of the Game Auction.

  • Love of the Game strives to achieve the fastest possible payment to consignors - so you realize the benefit of consigning to us as quickly as possible.  We offer our buyers flexible methods of payment so that they can pay more quickly - which puts money in your pocket faster!
  • Your items will receive the most possible exposure to bidders and buyers - from extensive coverage on our own site to advertising through direct, social, print and online channels.
  • We offer lower - or even zero - commissions on higher-value items.  This enables you to put a greater percentage of the sale dollars in your pocket.
  • Exceptional writing and attention to detail ensure that your items are described as completely and accurately as possible (without much of the hyperbole of other auctions).  This ensures that your material will be presented in the most dynamic and informative way possible, without missing the important details that make your consignment special.
  • Multiple auctions enable us to spread quality items out throughout the year.  This means your material won't get lost in the auction, or worse yet - your rare item won't wind up in the same sale as multiple other examples of the same item, which depresses the hammer price of all of them.

If you have high-quality sports memorabilia that you're looking to consign, and you want top dollar for your material, please get in touch.  We are always looking for high-value vintage sports memorabilia (pre-1970), graded and ungraded vintage card sets, scarce or valuable individual cards, important baseball and football memorabilia, or entire collections.


What makes Love of the Game different from all the other auctions?

  • Fair, accurate descriptions make it clear what's included in each lot and why each lot is important, so there are no surprises when your winnings arrive.
  • We offer unprecedented payment flexibility, accepting checks and money orders as well as credit cards and Paypal.
  • Our auction is constructed so that there are no unfair disadvantages to bidders.  Every bidder has a chance to win!
  • No hidden reserves
  • No "house accounts" to bid against you
  • Employees or owners of the auction house are not permitted to bid
  • Consignors cannot bid on their items
  • This means that when you're bidding on an item, you're not competing at a disadvantage - every item will close at a price that the bidders (and not the consignors or the auction house) determine.