Why Love of the Game

Love of the Game Auctions seeks quality consignments for our next auction.  If you have quality sports collectibles that you are looking to sell, you owe it to yourself to consider working with us and learning how we can be your best consignment alternative.

What makes Love of the Game different from all the other auction houses?

  • Smaller, curated auctions ensure that your items receive maximum visibility in the auction in which it appears – and does not compete with multiple other examples of the same item.
  • Your items will receive the most possible exposure to bidders and buyers – from extensive coverage on our own site to advertising through social, print and online channels, and direct marketing to our base of thousands of current, active collectors and investors.
  • Exceptional research, writing and attention to detail ensure that your items are described as completely and accurately as possible, without much of the hyperbole typical of other auctions.  This ensures that your material will be presented in the most dynamic and informative way possible, without missing the details that make your consignment special.
  • We offer lower – or even zero – commissions on higher-value items.  This enables you to put a greater percentage of the sale dollars in your pocket.   For the right material, we also offer generous cash advances, to put money in your pocket quickly.
  • Multiple auctions enable us to spread out quality items throughout the year, and our reputation for featuring seldom-seen items make each one an eagerly anticipated event.  And for special collections or valuable sets, we can create an individual auction, just for your material!
  • Bidders trust us.  Our auctions are constructed so that there are no unfair disadvantages to bidders – there are no hidden (or moving) reserves, there are no “house accounts” to bid against, employees of the auction are not permitted to bid, and consignors cannot bid on their own material.  Bidders know that each item will close at a price that the bidders (and not the consignors or the auction house) determine.
  • Love of the Game strives to achieve the fastest possible payment to consignors, so you realize the benefit of consigning to us as quickly as possible.  We offer buyers flexible methods of payment so that they can pay more quickly – which puts money in your pocket faster!