“My father entrusted to me the responsibility of selling his baseball card collection.  After much deliberation and soul searching, we decided to go with Love of the Game.  Al was genuine, knew his stuff, and was just enjoyable to speak with.  I felt I could trust him, and to my delight, this proved to be true.

The result was outstanding!  Al’s attention to detail, knowledge, honesty, care, prompt personalized communication and speedy payment are all reasons I will not hesitate to give him my highest recommendation to anyone that seeks to consign sports memorabilia to Love of the Game.”

Consignor, Atlanta, GA

“Receiving my package from Love of the Game was exactly like Christmas – you could just feel the love that went into packing it.”

Bidder, Milwaukee, WI

“My mother had a baseball bat that was owned by Lou Gehrig given to her nearly 40 years ago.  My family decided to sell the bat, but I had never done anything like this before and had no idea what I was doing.  I emailed a number of auction houses, but the only person who actually took the time to answer my questions was Al at Love of the Game.  

At first, I was worried about how the bat would do at auction, because we turned down a $30,000 offer from a private dealer.  That’s a lot of money!  But I could tell that Al was looking out for our best interest, and after an exhaustive amount of research, Love of the Game discovered a photo of Lou, holding the exact baseball bat in his hands! 

The publicity that we received was astonishing.  When the auction finally closed, the bat ended up selling for $437,000!  It was Al’s research and marketing skill that got us that money.  To think that we almost accepted a private offer for $30,000!”

Consignor, Chatham, NJ

“Love your write-ups.  It is really one of the classiest auctions…maybe the classiest.  Just love the feel of it.  Exemplary presentation goes a long way.”

Bidder, Los Angeles, CA

“Parting with this collection has been an emotional experience for us.  Thank you for your patience, kindness and understanding – during every step of the process.  You truly have a love of the game and a love of the hobby.  You quickly put us at ease and made the experience fun.

We believe you provide consignors with the experience they seek.  You were respectful of our family, our time and our home.  You knew which sets had value, which cards had variations, and which items were worth the expense of authentication.  The auctions were crazy fun when they went into the extended bidding period and very effective in achieving desirable sales results.  We will forever cherish the stories you wrote about our father and his collection.  We believe you have been the perfect person to handle this sale for our family.”

Consignor, San Antonio, TX

“From the responses I read when you announced your inaugural auction, it seems like you’re one of the ‘white hats,’ and that means a lot to me.”

Bidder, Scottsdale, AZ

“Having no knowledge of card collecting or auctions, my family and I were very lucky to find Al and Love of the Game Auctions.  He drove to us in the midst of a pandemic, met with our family, and immediately we knew that we wanted to work with him.  His knowledge and expertise, along with his easygoing personality made us confident and comfortable in our decision.  He explained the process to us and kept us informed each step of the way.  The auction itself was very exciting, and we were more than pleased with the results.”

Consignor, Washington, PA