What good would a vintage sports auction be without Don Mossi?

Don Mossi.  Hero of the vintage sports hobby.

Mossi pitched 12 seasons, with Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Kansas City.  He won 101 games with a 3.43 lifetime ERA, topping out in 1959 with 17 wins against 9 losses with the 4th place Tigers.  The one-time All Star never threw more than 240 innings in a season, never led the league in wins (though he finished in the top 10 twice), never won a Cy Young.  He pitched in three World Series games, all with the legendary 1954 Indians, but never won a Series game.

Don Mossi was a respectable pitcher, but never a star.  Yet the vintage baseball hobby loves him.  Why?

It’s the ears.

Don Mossi had a majestic set of ears, the kind you’ll never forget.  And they’re on full display on this 1958 Topps card, which we are pleased as punch to be able to offer you in our inaugural sale.  Because it really just wouldn’t be a vintage sports auction without Don Mossi.

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