1933 Goudey Sport Kings Babe Ruth

1933 SK Ruth SGC 88 FrontIn the entire sports collectibles hobby, there is not a name as popular or enduring as that of Babe Ruth.  His image is still recognizable by youngsters more than sixty years after his passing, and his memorabilia and cards continue to scale new heights, with each major sale setting a new bar for his collectibles.

Presented is a splendid example of one of Ruth’s most beautiful cards, from one of the most attractive sportscard sets ever produced: his 1933 Goudey Sport Kings issue.  The card boasts exceptional centering, vivid color and clean, fresh borders, with sharp, NM-MT corners.

The Sport Kings set is the hobby’s most popular multi-sport issue, with a wide variety of names that rank among the most popular of all-time in each respective sport.  None, however, even approaches the popularity of Babe Ruth, undoubtedly the key card in the set.  While MINT examples have eclipsed $100,000, the SMR value of a NM-MT card still remains “affordable” at $27,000.  However, as the value of Ruth collectibles and cards continues to skyrocket, and the popularity of the Sport Kings set continues to grow, the availability of high-grade examples of Ruth’s colorful Goudey cards will continue to dwindle.  With just eight examples graded higher by either PSA or SGC, and just one true NM-MT example having sold publicly since 2011, this is a superb example of one of the most popular issues to feature the hobby’s greatest and most widely-recognized name and face.

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