Babe Ruth at the St. Albans Golf Club

Ruth CheckPresented is a fantastic cancelled payment voucher/check signed by Babe Ruth on March 13, 1940.  Ruth’s love of golf has been well documented, and the St. Albans Golf Course in Queens was one of his frequent haunts, particularly after his retirement.  This check, in the amount of $20.92 and drawn on Chemical Bank of New York, was signed in bold, black ink by Ruth.  The dark, bold signature, which has been authenticated and encapsulated by PSA/DNA, is completely unaffected by the bank cancellations and stamps.

A Babe Ruth signature is a centerpiece of any collection.  One that serves as a piece of memorabilia from an important part of Ruth’s life is even more so.  This is a fantastic example, in apparent EX/MT condition with an incredible signature.

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