A quick note from LOTG about the Spring Auction

Dear Valued Customers:

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your participation in our recent Spring auction, and to provide some information about the status of your order.

The Spring auction was our biggest yet.  In addition to offering our largest number of lots, the auction also received our largest number of bids, from our largest amount of bidders.  The lots were won by our largest number of different participants.  We were thrilled!

Equally exciting was the number of people who elected to pay their invoices right away.  Typically, we receive payments from about 25% of our winning bidders in the days immediately following the auction close.  This time, we received a much, much higher percentage.

As part of our ongoing marketing, this past winter I made a decision to exhibit at a new card and memorabilia show, which was held in Edison, New Jersey, from June 6 through June 8.  It is important to me that LOTG support regional card shows whenever possible, particularly when they’re right in our backyard.

The mistake here, of course, is that while LOTG is growing, it is still difficult to do two things at once.  So while we were preparing for and exhibiting at the show, many of our winning bidders were paying their invoices and hoping for the quick shipment that they’ve come to expect from us.  When we returned from the show on Monday, we were swamped!

Suffice to say that we are diligently working to get orders packed and fulfilled as quickly as possible, without sacrificing the quality and accuracy our customers have come to expect from us.  We’ve gained quite a bit of ground during the week, but still have a ways to go.  We’ll be working through the weekend, and I expect that we will be caught up by the beginning of the week.

If you have already received your winnings, or if you’ve received an email notice that your winnings are on the way, congratulations on your bids and thank you for participating.  If you have not, please know that we’re doing our very best to get your material out to you as quickly as possible.  And either way, please know that I’ll be putting measures in place to ensure that such delays don’t happen again in the future.

Thanks once again for your patience and support of Love of the Game.

Warm Regards,

Al Crisafulli

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